Property investor

Aaron Anderson

Founded in 2009, by an American entrepreneur and financier Aaron Anderson. The AXXEUM LLC. LLC, identifies, designs, and manages investments across a vast array of industries, including government contracts/relations, global affairs, healthcare, real estate, venture capital, media, and entertainment. Aaron started realestate in 2014 I’ve fixed and flipped properties as a realestate investor.

The firm (AXXEUM LLC.) focuses on long term opportunities, where we can add value to superior risk-adjusted returns. Our investment in small businesses, local businesses, and American companies provide for further comprehensive economic growth within our communities

Our dedication and understanding of people, government, and the private sector, coupled with our expertise enable us to lead, implement, and reinvest within our neighborhoods and global economy for a more promising future.


In his insights, Aaron’s, overall land prices in the United States increased by just 2% in 2018, a percentage point lower than the previous year’s gain, according to the 2018 Land Market Survey conducted by the Realtors Land Institute (RLI) and the National Association of Realtors.


The RLI report underscores the fact that development land prices, in particular, can be volatile. Understanding land values in the context of specific market conditions is essential for investors, who should consider key factors like location, zoning regulations, appraised values, interest rates, cap fees, and tariffs.


Aaron’s experience in contracting and working closely with other contractors for more than 20 years has helped educate him in some of the aspects of purchasing real estate. In the past 13 years Aaron have invested in single family real estate housing. Some self-managed and some with professional property management. Aaron has a clear understanding and he can demonstrate the power of debt pay-down by tenants, professional property management, tax incentives, and economies of scale with commercial real estate. Aaron enjoys hanging out with his wife and grown children. Working out and staying in shape is also important to him.

AXXEUM LLC. is well established in the heartbeat of America, New Jersey, South Jersey.