Venture Capitalist

Aaron Anderson

You might think VC is all about money. For us, it’s about people. As other firms invest in deals, AXXEUM LLC. invests in people. A deal is transactional. Relationships endure, and ours are based on curiosity, thoughtfulness, and deep conviction. When it comes to leadership, we are looking for people who are driven, passionate, committed, highly intelligent and, at the same time, highly nimble, because most of these companies end up moving some number of degrees within the first year or two, and we at AXXEUM LLC. want to make sure we have people on board, who understands that how companies start out is not how they end, and [who] can move with the company. What’s most important as a leader is that they are effective – communicating effectively, effective in getting people to follow their own vision. And however someone chooses to communicate that in a way that makes them effective is what works for them.

That said, in startups in particular, the dogmatic, autocratic leadership style happens not to work, because they tend to be much more collaborative. Also, as I mentioned before, you have to be nimble and you have to take input from outside. You have to be driven and have conviction. But at the same time, your effectiveness can come from being open-minded.


From seed to venture to explosive growth, we work with entrepreneurs and their companies at every stage, across every sector. We were a relatively unknown quantity in 2017. AXXEUM LLC. got in early. Opening up their network to us has certainly been beneficial in finding new customers. AXXEUM LLC. deeply believed in Confluent and our mission even when there were many skeptics around open source. They’ve been an invaluable, trusted partner to me and our entire team. AXXEUM LLC. were as excited about our mission—to fill every home with music—as we were. We appreciate their long-term orientation and their willingness to get involved and help the company in any way we need.