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To create a better everyday life for the many people and making their dream comes to reality. To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. As Nike says, “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. (*If you have a body, you are an athlete.)

about our ceo at AXXEUM PARTNERS
Aaron Anderson, burgeoning business mogul

is making quite an impressive name for himself as the sole owner of four, The Original Hot Dog Factory restaurants in Philadelphia and as co-owner of another one in Brooklyn, all opening within months of each other and thriving despite the nation’s turbulent financial climate.

This, without having any prior restaurant experience and Anderson has NO plans to slow down anytime soon. He is on track to his newest endeavor, Steakhouse 1635 will open this fall. This will be the blueprint for a new franchise of steakhouses to be opened in major cities across the United States and abroad.

Born and raised in the tough inner city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Anderson credits his mother, a single parent of 5 with his unyielding strength, discipline, humility, passion and persistent need to be of service to those in need. Anderson’s foray into being a business owner….the very first in his family, started with the launch of his very own screen printing company Union Printing in 2009. The idea to start this company culminated while working as an assistant to a top record company executive at Mega Brand in New York City.

Anderson realized a need to provide quality merchandise for an affordable price after seeing an invoice at work and convinced his bosses that he could not only meet the demand for the record label’s printing needs but most importantly for a far better price. As the saying goes, the rest is history. Anderson not only surpassed expectations at major record label in NewYork city but Union Printing established itself as a leader in the industry and is still hugely successful more than a decade later.

A Success Story

His success with Union Printing provided not only financial stability but the necessary experience needed to embark on another one of his passions, opening his first restaurant franchise in March of this year. Doing so, without needing any loans. His immediate success within The Original Hot Dog Factory organization has led to him becoming an area representative, trainer for new franchisees.


Anderson’s keen interest in technology prompted him to become an investor in pharmaceutical application , flight simulator application and Also an investor in a streaming application. These strategic investments contribute to his growing financial portfolio and further strengthens his parent company Axxeum LLC which was formed in 2018.


Anderson’s other primary goals include giving back to his community as a member of Philadelphia’s Chamber of Commerce. His future plans include having ownership in a professional sports organization and to become an elected official in his home state of Pennsylvania. An inspirational memoir about his life is also in the works to provide invaluable information and encouragement to others who desire to follow in Aaron Anderson’s his footsteps.